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Our goal at Camp4 Human Performance is to create a multi-disciplinary clinic that addresses any musculoskeletal complaint. Whether you're a chronic low back pain sufferer or an outdoor athlete looking to improve your performance. We have a service that can help you reach your goals. 


Strength & conditioning

Whether you're a high level athlete or or a desk jockey looking to reach your fitness goals, we have the expertise in athletic assessment, testing, and program design to make it happen. Staying current with strength and conditioning research allows us to keep our athletes at the cutting edge of their sport.

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Chiropractic and physical therapy 

Sometimes pain complaints keep us from reaching our potential. In this case becoming a client at Camp4 allows you access to the many therapies that help you overcome your pain complaint. After we have your pain under control we can best manage your health with a new strength and conditioning program. 

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recovery and sports massage

All training phases require maintenance care. We believe there are may good options out there and offer sports massage, cupping, tool assisted soft tissue therapy, blood flow restriction recovery, and passive compression to get you back to your training program with less rest and physical stress. 


Camp4 Performance Assessment

Visit one of our testing centers for a one of its kind performance assessment. Then let one of our coaches, or your coach, create a custom program that fits your needs.


Blood Flow Restriction Training

Optimize strength training and recovery with fifty-percent less stress to your tissues with this great new technology.


Cognitive Rehabilitation


a new Pain science model for rehabilitation...

We understand the importance of biomechanics and tissue overload on musculoskeletal pain complaints but we also understand the impact processing has on this multifactorial experience. A pain experience is never purely a representation of a physical injury. With all injuries we develop new networks of cells that begin to associate with one another. Often times this links movement with pain chronically in the spinal cord and brain. At Camp4 we have been trained to use a 3-step process which retrains the cells of the brain to experience less threat from the body. This is performing rehabilitation on the brains neural networks.