Chiropractic and physical rehabilitation

In general we want to get our clients back to doing active therapy as quickly as possible. Sometimes we need to use other tools to speed up tissue recovery and calm down the nervous system to reduce pain. Take a look at the following therapies and see how we can help you.  


Chiropractic services 

Chiropractic manipulation is a well accepted tool for improving movement in the short and long term. The goal is to restore a joints range of motion so clients can continue to exercise with less stiffness and pain. Joint manipulation also has a profound impact on the information being sent to the brain from an injured body area. Movement based information competes with potentially threatening information (painful generating) so by improving joint motion we reduce pain. If you're a client that needs a more aggressive workup for a spinal complaint, we have a team of referral doctors around the valley to get you the care you need. 

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Dry needling

There has been an increased interest in the last decade or so about what happens both locally in the tissues, as well as in the central nervous system when non-medicated needles are used to treat pain. The theories suggested about dry needling are primarily central in nature, meaning they create a sensory response that accentuates localization of the patients brain map, which helps "un-smudge" wandering pain complaints. 


blood flow restriction therapy

To better stimulate the bodies natural hormonal response with less load to injured tissues we need to restrict part of the blood flow to working muscles. We can do this safely in the clinic with our state of the art restriction bands that can measure how much pressure is being applied to the limbs during exercise. This is how keep athletes strong while rehabilitating injuries.