Our Story

At Camp4 our mission is to provide the most comprehensive health care and strength and conditioning found in Utah. Whether it's chiropractic, physical therapy, sports massage, or strength and conditioning you're looking for we can take care of you under one roof. If you have a condition that requires a more extensive workup we will refer you to one our physicians in our network. Our goal is provide you with the education and empower you to help yourself. Sometimes that requires care in the clinic but usually is results in a better exercise program that you can do on your own. 



About Dr. Tyler

Tyler is a second generation chiropractor whose father was a leader in chiropractic sports medicine for many years. In graduate school he did a dual doctorate and masters degree program in exercise science with an emphasis on tendon loading. He completed his masters degree at BYU and was a physician for the athletics department for 4 years out of school. He currently is the owner of Camp4 Human Performance where he treats clients through his license as a chiropractic physician. He also teaches anatomy and physiology at a local college in Utah and is an instructor for the Performance Climbing Coach seminar series and a certified instructor for gobstrong. When he's not working he's climbing or hiking outside with his family.