Tufas Boulder - Philadelphia, PA

Tufas Boulder - Philadelphia, PA

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Coach Harlan,

Coach Harlan Ewers is the resident trainer at Tufas Boulder Lounge, Philadelphia's premier climbing gym for performance enhancement and strength training. At Tufas, Coach Harlan consulted on the fitness center design, created their in-person and online fitness programs, and co-hosted Dr. Tyler Nelson's inaugural Climbing Athlete Assessment Clinic.

Outside of Tufas, Harlan is the Fitness Program Director at The Rittenhouse Spa & Club, where he also coaches swimming as an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, and is a group fitness instructor in barre and adaptive aquatics classes.

Harlan’s professional experience in movement and strength training began in 2007 and is as extensive as it is diverse. He is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with specialties in Performance Enhancement and Corrective Exercise techniques. He is trained and certified in Functional Movement Systems, Blood Flow Restriction, and currently is receiving his certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. As a Licensed Massage Therapist with a BS in Kinesiology, he also brings an evidence-based approach to his coaching, along with expertise in orthopedic assessment and sports massage.

Coach Harlan comes from a traditional sport background as a collegiate ice hockey player and competitive swimmer and diver. Competitive sports taught him that strength and conditioning are integral to success, but more importantly sports taught him what it means to try hard! His greatest passion is climbing. When he’s not working, he’s on a wall somewhere - all across the country or in the gym. In his down time, he’s usually reading books about the science of climbing, or watching every climbing video on youtube ever. Yes, he even attends climbing clinics, like the Performance Climbing Coach Seminar.

 At Tufas, Harlan combines his passion for climbing with his expertise in training to help clients identify and achieve fitness goals, leading to greater skill acquisition on the wall, and injury resiliency.

Coach Collin:

Collin is a personal trainer, sports performance coach and the Fitness Director at the Alliance Fitness Center.  He is a 2016 graduate of Cornell University with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies and minors in nutrition and business. He played four years of varsity baseball at Cornell.  Recurring injuries cut his baseball career short but sent him on a path to understand more about the human body and how to best prepare it for the demands of sport and physical activity. This led him to the position he is in now training athlete’s and the general population alike to do the things they want to do at the highest level, by the safest and most effective training possible.

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