Integrated Climbing - Raleigh, NC

Integrated Climbing - Raleigh, NC

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Coach Bradley Hilbert has been the Head Coach of Triangle Rock Club since 2015 where his team has won 11 consecutive Regional Championships. At Triangle Rock Club he is responsible for over 150 climbers and 12 coaches. Coach Bradley has worked with climbers from beginner to finals at the Youth National Championships for 10 consecutive Nationals. His certifications include USAC Safesport, USAC Climbing Coach, USAC Level 1 Routesetter, CPR/First Aid, BFR, PCC, CERT, and soon to be CSCS. He has been fortunate enough to work with Steve Bechtel, Charlie Mangienello, Tyler Nelson, Dicki Korb, Olexiy Shulga, Ingo Filzwieser and many other fantastic coaches as a result of his USA Olympic Coaching Accelerator program certification. 

Coming from the more traditional sport of basketball, he is focused on how to integrate strength and conditioning metrics into climbing as a way of objectively tracking the progress of programming. The guessing game of whether or not you have gotten stronger or better by the results of competitions has been refined by adding these metrics to the equation in all other sports. He and the great coaches he has learned from are doing their best to bring climbing into the 21st century of athletic performance by adding these metrics as climbing prepares itself for its first Olympic Games in 2020.

Coach Bradley loves speed climbing, walks on the beach, in the woods and around the block. He enjoys coffee, oats, Gnarly Vanilla Whey, and flexing. Mostly he enjoys watching a climber accomplish their goals and maximize their potential in and out of climbing. 

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